Friday, August 12, 2011

First Week Fun... Saving Fred

School started on Wednesday and I am tee-totally worn out now that it is Friday! I have a great new group of 4th graders and am looking forward to watching them learn and grow this year!
As one of two 4th grade science teachers, I am always looking for new ideas. I think I hit the JACKPOT! One of the terrific ideas I got this summer from either bloggy friends or pinterest... (can't remember which since I stalked both on a daily basis) was the Saving Fred experiment for my 4th grade science classes. WOW! What fun and a terrific team building and problem solving activity! The plan I followed comes from here.
The goal is to save fred (a gummy worm) by retrieving his life preserver ( gummy life saver) from under the boat (clear plastic cup) using only 4 paper clips. Fred is stranded on top of the cup!
See what I mean... Poor Fred!
But never fear..... I am happy to report that ALL 20 Fred's were saved today at Huntertown Elementary, thanks to some amazing 4th grade problem solvers!
After the students completed the experiment, they completed a flowchart, in their Interactive Science Notebooks, showing the steps they took to save Fred. They then had to include a written description, and answer questions about problems they encountered.
All I can say is this is a definate repeat experiment for next year! I can not wait to get all my photo releases in so I can post pictures of the kids. If you could have only seen their faces! And of course each pair wanted their picture taken with Fred once he was saved! I do admit that their affection for Fred did not last long... he and his life preserver ended up in their tummies! What fun!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classroom Pictures Update

This will be my second year teaching 4th grade after many years in primary. I am really looking forward to the new year. Like all of you, I have been busy the last couple weeks getting my classroom ready. I decided to stick with my hollywood theme and just add some new things.
Here are a few pictures of some of the additions/changes.
This is my front door.
My desk and small group meeting area. I opted not to use the crates for storage, so they are simply crates turned upside down with chair cushions tied on.
Here is our homework/assignment board
Student work- Bravo board
Student check-in center and mailboxes.
It is finally feeling homey again. Kiddos come tomorrow! Very excited!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Currently I am... Linky Party

Oh Boy Fourth Grade is hosting a fun Currently I am... linky party. As I know we are all super busy right now, I thought this would be a GREAT way to get a post in!
So.... Currently I am...
Listening to my beloved summer morning quietness... coffee dripping, dogs rousing, and the hustle and bustle of OTHER cars racing up and down my street on their way to work. Oh is it really true, that this is my VERY last morning enjoying this for the summer? sniff sniff
Loving my new iphone! Long story short. My last "hoo-rah" of the summer weekend trip resulted in my beloved Blackberry taking a bath. I had been wanting an iphone, but am having to take tutorials from my son on how to use it. It really is amazing though!
Thinking about how I really need to be getting dressed and going to school to prepare for Meet and Greet tonight. Last minute touches!
Wanting the ability to wiggle my nose. (Remember Samantha from Bewitched???) Wouldn't that make beginning of the year preparations a snap?
Needing to get ink cartridges for my printer! Wow I go through A LOT! And of course school color ink has disappeared as well.
1. Oh Boy Fourth Grade
2. Yearn to Learn
3. Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens
Ok, so I have NO idea why half way through this post I lost the ability to highlight items for hyper-linking and font changes. (Sorry) Even tried a restart. Hmmmmmmm.... Guess it's time to go to school! Have a GREAT day everyone!

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