Friday, July 1, 2011

Common Core Standards Anyone???

So how many of us are implementing the Common Core Standards this coming school year? My school district has been working diligently to break down the math and english/language arts standards into student friendly targets. I was fortunate to work with a few other 4th grade teachers in my district to help with the break down of the english/language arts standards. I feel pretty comfortable in that area. Math not so much. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of math content to be covered. Lots of content has been moved down a grade level or so. In fourth grade I am noticing LOTS more fractions! If you have been working with the common core standards... what are the biggest changes you notice? What resources have you found that will help with the implementation? I found these websites for math and They have practice activities in each grade that are correlated to the common core standards. Feel free to leave a comment with any resources you have found!


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  3. I will have to check out those sites. Thanks for sharing.

    We are beginning the transition into the Common Core, but our state testing will still cover our old standards for a couple of years, so I will have to "bridge the gap."

    I find the language arts to be pretty much what I have been doing. Nothing too much changed for me there. As far as math goes, I will actually hit less topics, just go deeper with the topics that I do cover. We use Everyday Math in my district, so I am anxious to see if things change when we make the total turnover to the Common Core.

    Thanks again for sharing. I am now a follower.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing these links. I have been searching the web for math resources for the Common Core with minimal success. Have just spent the last few hours on the k-5mathteachingresources website that you mentioned. Love it! So many great resources.

  5. We will start being trained on Common Core Standards this year, so I am interested to see how it will go. I teach math, so if I come across anything, I will be sure to let you know!


  6. My school is adopting these next year but we are starting to work with them this year to prevent kids from missing concepts. I am nervous about these new standards!
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  7. I would love to see your kid friendly core standards. We are just attempting this and my teammate and I are overwhelmed.

  8. I am kind of having the same problem, although we just got a new math program called enVisions that is set up with the common core standards. It is awesome! I'd love to see what you are going to do with them too though!

  9. Thank you sooooo much for the links! Just what I needed. I think the K-5 math teaching resources website will be putting my printer out of ink very quickly it has so many great resources.

  10. Good and another post from you admin :)


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